The mission of Covenant Global Ministries USA, Inc. (CGMUSA) is to present the Gospel and raise up disciples of Jesus Christ from among unreached peoples in the U.S. and elsewhere, and to help fund others who are engaged in these same efforts.  

At the same time, CGMUSA also provides disaster relief, humanitarian aid to war victims, and funds various educational and social welfare programs, to demonstrate the compassion of God the Father, to orphans, widows, the wounded, the elderly, and to other underserved, needy people.

The goal of this outreach and assistance is that others will be able to live faith-filled, self-sustaining, productive and meaningful lives, benefiting themselves, their families, and their communities.

Although CGMUSA was formed initially in 2014 as a Maryland not-for-profit religious corporation to address these needs primarily as they exist in the United States and Uganda, since then it has branched out to serve similar needs in Ukraine, Zimbabwe, and India.

  -  Covenant Global Ministries USA, Inc. (CGMUSA) is recognized by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service as a Section 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. 

  -  CGMUSA is a PayPal verified charity enrolled in PayPal's Giving Fund ( 
  -  CGMUSA is also registered with Guidestar, a national data base of IRS-recognized charitable organizations, and has received Guidestar's Silver Seal of Transparency (see:
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Gospel Outreach and Discipleship Training

Gospel Outreach and Discipleship Training

CGMUSA can be contacted to provide training at no cost in the following areas: spiritual growth and development; christian training, conferences and seminars; radio broadcast ministry; pastoral training; evangelism; divine healing; and individual discipleship and spiritual renewal. Although the primary method of training is through on-line media (Zoom), in-person training may also be available, subject to availability to travel. Some training materials are made available without cost through this website. In addition, CGMUSA sponsors evangelistic work in several communities located in the eastern region of India.

Health & Welfare Program

Health & Welfare Program

Through this program CGMUSA partners with churches to provide temporary, emergency aid to widows, orphans, and other disadvantaged persons. Examples of needs met under this program include illness, death, job loss, accidents, and similar events outside of the control of the afflicted individual(s). Aid is in the form of food, clothing, funds for the cost of medical treatment, bereavement expenses, transportation, and similar necessities. This program is international in scope.

Expanding Our Reach

Expanding Our Reach

CGMUSA sees its mission as broadly encompassing all of the New Testament's admonitions for delivering the gospel to every nation on the earth, while engaged in compassionate service to needy, underserved people. Consequently, it manages its affairs with flexibility and willingness to adapt to new opportunities for delivering the good news of Jesus Christ. Specifically, it is CGMUSA's goal to share with the world Jesus's willingness and ability to reconcile all lost humanity to become children of a living God, our Father in heaven. The same flexibility is present to respond in the compassion of Christ to new needs as conditions at home in the U.S. and abroad continue to evolve. While CGMUSA already has many programs that afford opportunities for potential donors to give to a cause they endorse, if our programs do not directly address a specific cause that a donor wishes to fund, you may contact CGMUSA to find out if that cause is one which CGMUSA can endorse and support.

Humanitarian Aid/Community Development

Humanitarian Aid/Community Development

Drought and associated crop failures lead to famine in various parts of the world. When these circumstances occur in Uganda, CGMUSA partnered with local churches to provide funds that allowed these churches to purchase and distribute free food to drought victims. CGMUSA is also n informal partner with humanitarian aid organizations and local churches that provide medical supplies, shoes, and operating funds for the evacuation and care of those who have been made homeless by the ongoing war in Ukraine. CGMUSA's representative in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, receives funds that CGMUSA collects and subsequently re-delivers these funds to where needs exist. For example, in the fall of 2022, its representative delivered CGMUSA funds to a manufacturer of windows to pay for the production and installation of hospital windows to replace those that were damaged by Russian military attacks in the City of Irpin. Under this program, CGMUSA also helped pay for the construction of school buildings and water wells in Western Uganda. In 2022, CGMUSA entered into a partnership with a South African-based organization providing community development funding and gospel outreach to an impoverished area within Zimbabwe.

Educational Assistance

Educational Assistance

One of CGMUSA's longest-running programs is its international educational assistance program. Under this program, CGMUSA provided funds for the construction and equipping of school classrooms and the construction of dormitories. Through student sponsorships, CGMUSA has provided funds for orphans and other under-privileged students in Uganda, from elementary through university grade levels. Sponsorships have also been provided for Ugandan students enrolled in technical schools. CGMUSA recently entered into partnership with Transformed Communities International (TCI) a partnership which has seen TCI take the lead, in Uganda, in supporting the construction and equipping of school buildings. CGMUSA still maintains an active student sponsorship program to combine with with gospel outreach programs in Uganda.

Dr. Frank T. Robb, PhD

Co-Founder and President

Frank Robb and his wife, Sue, are regular visitors to Uganda. They play a key role in obtaining support for Alpha and Omega Secondary School (KAOSS), located in Kiburara, Uganda. Under his leadership, funds have been raised to build and equip classrooms, add an additional dormitory to KAOSS, and to train teachers. Frank and "Mama Sue" are greatly esteemed by those whom CGMUSA serves in Uganda. For over a decade they have supported Pastor Moses Nkwatsibwe, the founder of over 34 churches in Western Uganda and the founder of faith-based student outreach programs in six schools of higher education located in Kampala, Uganda's capital. In addition to serving as CGMUSA's President, Frank is also a Director of Transformed Communities International, Inc. (TCI). TCI provides training in Uganda in sustainable community development, provides drought/famine relief, and promotes education. Frank is a professor of microbiology at the University of Maryland, a researcher in that field, and a frequent international lecturer on various subjects within that field.

Russell Vines


Russell was appointed to CGMUSA's Board of Directors in 2020. He earned his BA in Middle East Studies/ Homeland Security from Virginia Commonwealth University. Russell is also a graduate of Dominion Bible Institute, a seminary program offered by John G. Lakes Ministries. He is a military veteran, was a first responder in the City of Richmond, and also served for five years as a missionary to Israel. He currently teaches classical education, leads Kingdom Harvest Ministries, and is an assistant pastor at United Church RVA in Richmond, Virginia. His wife, Laurie, is a mother, teacher, author, Christian filmmaker, and evangelist. Together they homeschool their children and train the Body of Christ. Russell is ordained to the ministry by the Association of Faith Churches and Ministers, International.

Ken Glick

Co-Founder, Secretary-Treasurer

Ken Glick is an attorney by training and is responsible for CGMUSA's legal and regulatory compliance. He also serves as CGMUSA's Secretary and Treasurer. He began part-time missionary work with his first trip to Uganda in 2014 and has visited Uganda eight additional times. Ken and his wife, Olesya, (a Ukrainian national) are heavily involved in providing humanitarian relief in Ukraine, beginning shortly after the Russian invasion of that country in February 2022. Olesya is program head for CGMUSA's Ukrainian relief program. She is a university graduate in her native country, with a degree in mechanical and electrical engineering. Ken is overseeing the gathering and delivery of support to several pastors located in India. Ken and Olesya are an evangelistic couple; both of them are certified by John G. Lakes Ministries as receiving and practicing its training in divine healing. Ken is ordained by CGMUSA as a minister of the gospel; his wife Olesya is concluding her final semester of seminary training at Dominion Bible Institute, operated by John G. Lakes Ministries.

Jamal and Tywanda Smith

Board Members

Jamal (Known as Yophi) and Tywanda Smith are the Pastor and lead prophetic ministry, respectively, of Avodah Ministries, a Christian training ministry located in Virginia. The two traveled to Uganda in 2021 and served together as missionaries alongside Pastor Moses Nkwatsibwe and his wife, Sarah. They returned to serve again with Pastor Moses in 2022, teaching a workshop on "Kingdom Marriages." Jamal and Tywanda intend to continue their fellowship with Pastor Moses and Covenant Global Ministries - Uganda. Jamal and Tywanda train disciples of Jesus in their Biblically-described Kingdom Identity, reaching out to multiple areas in the United States when doing so. They are available to serve outside of the U.S. as well, which led them to Pastor Moses. Their vision is to show others through the Word of God marriage, family, and life, in the manner that God designed them to be experienced.

  • Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA

If you wish to contact CGMUSA, please use the contact form here. Include your preferred method of contact and the hours that are most convenient for you to be contacted. The subject matter of your inquiry should also be included. THANK YOU.


Donation Amount

GMUSA views itself as a steward of the funds entrusted for its use and holds itself accountable to its donors for the integrity with which it manages its programs. Through these newsletters, CGMUSA demonstrates that it has faithfully discharged this stewardship. Additional testimonies, updates, and trip reports will be posted here from time-to-time to keep its followers up to date on CGMUSA's latest activities.

2018 Annual Newsletter

This is a year-end newsletter provided by CGMUSA to its donors. The newsletter describes the programs that CGMUSA operated during that year, along with the assistance received by individuals and organizations under those programs.

2019 Annual Newsletter

This is a year-end newsletter provided by CGMUSA to its donors. The newsletter describes the programs that CGMUSA operated during that year, along with the assistance received by individuals and organizations under those programs.

2019 Trip Report: Uganda

This is a report prepared by one of CGMUSA's Board Members that summarizes his service in support of multiple churches in Uganda, and their members, under the direction of Pastor Moses Nkwatsibwe. The report describes multiple instances of divine healing, through prayer.

2021 Annual Newsletter.

This is a year-end newsletter provided by CGMUSA to its donors. The newsletter describes the programs that CGMUSA operated during that year, along with the assistance received by individuals and organizations under those programs. It includes a greeting and short message from Pastor Moses Nkwatsibwe, overseer of multiple churches in Southwestern Uganda, a church in Kampala, the capitol city of Uganda, and six university bible studies also in Kampala.

Trip report - Jun-August, 2022: Ukraine

In the summer of 2022, one of CGMUSA's board members and his wife visited Ukraine. The visit was to distribute humanitarian aid and funds to multiple humanitarian aid organizations and churches, for the relief of needs among Ukraine's civilian population. In addition, our Board Member preached at four churches and both he and his wife spent days visiting two hospitals in Uzhgorod, Ukraine, to speak with wounded soldiers and pray for their healing. The report describes multiple instance in which recipients of prayer were relieved of their pain and several instances of healing, including the recovery of hearing. Over 30 people became new believers in Jesus as a result of this ministry.

Interview with Pastor Oksana Yakubchik, Kyiv, Ukraine This is a link to an interview held in Kyiv, Ukraine, with Oksana Yakubchik. Oksana is a church pastor, military chaplain, and co-founder of the International Christian Humanitarian Center, located in Kyiv. In this interview she describes the bi-weekly convoys sent by the Center to the combat and near combat areas of Eastern Ukraine. The convoys bring food, water, medicine, and the gospel to civilians trapped in these areas. In some instances, they are called upon to evacuate civilians on their return trips. Oksana describes several instances where divine intervention saved their team and those they were evacuating from death or serious injury.

Zimbabwe Outreach Summer of 2022

This is a report prepared by Todd Martin describing the trip he took ,as part of a large team, to Zimbabwe in the Summer of 2022. Over 15 tons of food was distributed to multiple schools in the Gwayi River area of Zimbabwe. The report includes numerous photos.

Illustrated Progress Reports from Milton Babu, India

Over the period March 2023-July 2, 2023, Milton Babu, provided CGMUSA with a series of progress reports describing the gospel outreach and Christian education efforts in Eastern India, being funded by CGMUSA. The big news is that the number of pastors engaged in full time work has doubled, from two to four, over this period. This resulted in Vacation Bible Schools being started in multiple communities, including a leper colony. Through these works hundreds of children have heard the good news of Jesus for the first time. Their interest in Jesus has gained the attention of a number of parents. As a result, pastors have been invited into their homes to share the gospel, resulting in many conversions and new Christians.

  • Most Recent 5-Year Financial Reporting (January 2018 through October 2022)

This is an interview filmed August 2022 in Kyiv, Ukraine.  The woman being interviewed is Pastor Oksana who, alongside her husband, directs the International Christian Humanitarian Center in Kyiv.  She is also a military chaplain.  This interview describes her team's convoys into Eastern Ukraine to deliver food, water, medicine, and the gospel to civilians trapped in combat areas.  The interview also describes the team's evacuation of civilians from these areas.
This movie, Mully, describes God's call to a very successful, very wealthy Kenyan businessman to sell all he had and begin rescuing homeless orphans from the slums of his city.  It exemplifies what is written in James 1:7 - that true religion is to rescue widows and orphans from their distresses, and to keep oneself unstained by the world.  It illustrates through his example the persistent faith - the refusal to quit - that is necessary to see the miraculous creativity of God's word bring forth fruit, a hundredfold.  This movie will inspire you.

How is CGMUSA different from other charities?

CGMUSA is staffed completely by unpaid volunteers.  All of its overhead and administrative costs are paid for by one or more members of the Board of Directors.  This is 100% of every donation goes directly to one or more program recipients.   Over the past five years, CGMUSA's overhead and administrative costs averaged 0.6% of its average annual revenue; this amount is far below what is typical for religious or humanitarian charities.  In addition, CGMUSA's work is based on personal relationships between its Board Members and those organizations that receive program funds from CGMUSA.  For example, a great deal of CGMUSA's work occurs in Uganda.  Each one of our Board Members has served in Uganda and developed a personal friendship with Pastor Moses Nkwatsibwe, the overseer of 34+ churches in Western Uganda.  For this reason, the Board of CGMUSA can attest to the legitimacy of the needs that are being met in Uganda, from CGMUSA's programs and the donations that stand behind those programs.

Are my donations to CGMUSA tax deductible?

CGMUSA is a tax-exempt entity under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  It's 501(c)(3) determination letter was issued by the Internal Revenue Service in September of 2015.  An IRS Affirmation Letter attesting to its continuing tax exempt status was issued by the IRS on June 1, 2022.  This letter affirmed that donations to CGMUSA are deductible contributions and that CGMUSA is not a private foundation. Whether a specific donor will be able to deduct his or her contributions to CGMUSA is dependent upon a number of contingencies, including whether the donor is itemizing deductions or taking the IRS standard deduction when calculating taxable income.  Please consult your tax professional to determine whether your donations to CGMUSA will be tax deductible in your specific circumstances.

How do I know that my contributions are being used by CGMUSA to fund one or more of its programs and are not being used for its own operating expenses?

CGMUSA has no paid employees and all of its overhead and program expenses are paid for by one or more of its Board Members.  All donations to CGMUSA go, in their entirety, to fund its programs.  

How do I know that my donation will go towards a legimate need?

CMUSA has selected recipients of its aid based upon personal relationships between one or more Board Members and those receiving aid under one or more of its programs.  For example, several of our founding Board Members have served in Uganda with Pastor Moses Nkwatsibwe for at least ten years.  All requests for aid that come to CGMUSA from Uganda are verified by Pastor Moses before any of our program resources are made available to the requestor.   The wife of one of our Board Members is a Ukrainian national, with extensive contacts with pastors and heads of charitable organizations across the country.  Aid to Ukraine is given to individuals and organizations that she knows personally, or are vouched for by trusted individuals that she knows personally.  

I wish to join a CGMUSA missionary team to a foreign country. How do I become a member of the team?

CGMUSA missionary teams are made up of qualified volunteers that pay for their own transportation, meals, housing, and other expenses. In addition, as they are able, they are expected to contributes towards the costs, if any, that the host organization expects the team to pay towards the host's costs of hosting the conference, seminars, or workshops that the team is to teach.  Consequently, one of the first steps a potential team member takes is to accept this financial responsibility.

Second, a potential team member is to submit to CGMUSA's Board of Directors a letter of endorsement from his or her church pastor, board of elders, or similar leadership figure of a faith-based organization, attesting to the potential team member's spiritual qualifications to serve as a team member, and attesting to the individual's ability to serve (skills as a teacher, counselor, lay-worker, vocational worker, etc.). This letter should be on the organization's stationary and mailed to CGMUSA, 20111 Woodfield Rd., Gaithersburg, MD 20882. This mailing should include the potential team member's written request in which this inividual describes why he or she desires to participate, the country they wish to go to, a short biographical description, and the time period(s) in which they are available to travel. Any health conditions that could be affected by  the trip are also to be described. Please include your contact information.

An applicant will receive a reply communique setting up a time for an introductory video call. The next steps will be discussed in that call.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a potential team member.

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