The mission of Covenant Global Ministries USA, Inc. (CGMUSA) is to present the Gospel and raise up disciples of Jesus Christ from among unreached peoples in the U.S. and elsewhere, and to help fund others who are engaged in these same efforts.  

At the same time, CGMUSA also provides disaster relief, humanitarian aid to war victims, and funds various educational and social welfare programs, to demonstrate the compassion of God the Father, to orphans, widows, the wounded, the elderly, and to other underserved, needy people.

The goal of this outreach and assistance is that others will be able to live faith-filled, self-sustaining, productive and meaningful lives, benefiting themselves, their families, and their communities.

Although CGMUSA was formed initially in 2014 as a Maryland not-for-profit religious corporation to address these needs primarily as they exist in the United States and Uganda, since then it has branched out to serve similar needs in Ukraine, Zimbabwe, and India.

  -  Covenant Global Ministries USA, Inc. (CGMUSA) is recognized by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service as a Section 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. 

  -  CGMUSA is a PayPal verified charity enrolled in PayPal's Giving Fund ( 
  -  CGMUSA is also registered with Guidestar, a national data base of IRS-recognized charitable organizations, and has received Guidestar's Silver Seal of Transparency (see:
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