12 Jul

The violent persecution of Christians in several Indian states has recently lessened with changes in local governments.  10 indigenous pastors are ready to begin full-time evangelism, including traveling outside their own communities, if support can be raised to sustain their families in their absence. The cost of supporting a family is budgeted at $100 per month.  CGMUSA is seeking individuals or organizations that would be willing to sponsor one or more of these ministries over multiple months  One-time contributions for this need would also be gratefully received.  Donations can be made through this website or through the bank app Zelle (preferred as it is a no-cost money transfer app).  Details can be found at the "Make a Donation" tab on this website.  Emails for additional information or to communicate your pledge to donate can be sent to: gospelmissionsman@yahoo.com, with the word "India" in the subject line or by commenting upon this blog.  Thank you in advance to those who choose to advance the Kingdom of God through this means.  You can learn more about this work by reading the March - July 2023 India Report located under the News andTrip Reports tab on this website.

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