How is CGMUSA different from other charities?

CGMUSA is staffed completely by unpaid volunteers.  All of its overhead and administrative costs are paid for by one or more members of the Board of Directors.  This is 100% of every donation goes directly to one or more program recipients.   Over the past five years, CGMUSA's overhead and administrative costs averaged 0.6% of its average annual revenue; this amount is far below what is typical for religious or humanitarian charities.  In addition, CGMUSA's work is based on personal relationships between its Board Members and those organizations that receive program funds from CGMUSA.  For example, a great deal of CGMUSA's work occurs in Uganda.  Each one of our Board Members has served in Uganda and developed a personal friendship with Pastor Moses Nkwatsibwe, the overseer of 34+ churches in Western Uganda.  For this reason, the Board of CGMUSA can attest to the legitimacy of the needs that are being met in Uganda, from CGMUSA's programs and the donations that stand behind those programs.

Are my donations to CGMUSA tax deductible?

CGMUSA is a tax-exempt entity under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  It's 501(c)(3) determination letter was issued by the Internal Revenue Service in September of 2015.  An IRS Affirmation Letter attesting to its continuing tax exempt status was issued by the IRS on June 1, 2022.  This letter affirmed that donations to CGMUSA are deductible contributions and that CGMUSA is not a private foundation. Whether a specific donor will be able to deduct his or her contributions to CGMUSA is dependent upon a number of contingencies, including whether the donor is itemizing deductions or taking the IRS standard deduction when calculating taxable income.  Please consult your tax professional to determine whether your donations to CGMUSA will be tax deductible in your specific circumstances.

How do I know that my contributions are being used by CGMUSA to fund one or more of its programs and are not being used for its own operating expenses?

CGMUSA has no paid employees and all of its overhead and program expenses are paid for by one or more of its Board Members.  All donations to CGMUSA go, in their entirety, to fund its programs.  

How do I know that my donation will go towards a legimate need?

CMUSA has selected recipients of its aid based upon personal relationships between one or more Board Members and those receiving aid under one or more of its programs.  For example, several of our founding Board Members have served in Uganda with Pastor Moses Nkwatsibwe for at least ten years.  All requests for aid that come to CGMUSA from Uganda are verified by Pastor Moses before any of our program resources are made available to the requestor.   The wife of one of our Board Members is a Ukrainian national, with extensive contacts with pastors and heads of charitable organizations across the country.  Aid to Ukraine is given to individuals and organizations that she knows personally, or are vouched for by trusted individuals that she knows personally.  

I wish to join a CGMUSA missionary team to a foreign country. How do I become a member of the team?

CGMUSA missionary teams are made up of qualified volunteers that pay for their own transportation, meals, housing, and other expenses. In addition, as they are able, they are expected to contributes towards the costs, if any, that the host organization expects the team to pay towards the host's costs of hosting the conference, seminars, or workshops that the team is to teach.  Consequently, one of the first steps a potential team member takes is to accept this financial responsibility.

Second, a potential team member is to submit to CGMUSA's Board of Directors a letter of endorsement from his or her church pastor, board of elders, or similar leadership figure of a faith-based organization, attesting to the potential team member's spiritual qualifications to serve as a team member, and attesting to the individual's ability to serve (skills as a teacher, counselor, lay-worker, vocational worker, etc.). This letter should be on the organization's stationary and mailed to CGMUSA, 20111 Woodfield Rd., Gaithersburg, MD 20882. This mailing should include the potential team member's written request in which this inividual describes why he or she desires to participate, the country they wish to go to, a short biographical description, and the time period(s) in which they are available to travel. Any health conditions that could be affected by  the trip are also to be described. Please include your contact information.

An applicant will receive a reply communique setting up a time for an introductory video call. The next steps will be discussed in that call.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a potential team member.