Dr. Frank T. Robb, PhD

Co-Founder and President

Frank Robb and his wife, Sue, are regular visitors to Uganda. They play a key role in obtaining support for Alpha and Omega Secondary School (KAOSS), located in Kiburara, Uganda. Under his leadership, funds have been raised to build and equip classrooms, add an additional dormitory to KAOSS, and to train teachers. Frank and "Mama Sue" are greatly esteemed by those whom CGMUSA serves in Uganda. For over a decade they have supported Pastor Moses Nkwatsibwe, the founder of over 34 churches in Western Uganda and the founder of faith-based student outreach programs in six schools of higher education located in Kampala, Uganda's capital. In addition to serving as CGMUSA's President, Frank is also a Director of Transformed Communities International, Inc. (TCI). TCI provides training in Uganda in sustainable community development, provides drought/famine relief, and promotes education. Frank is a professor of microbiology at the University of Maryland, a researcher in that field, and a frequent international lecturer on various subjects within that field.

Russell Vines


Russell was appointed to CGMUSA's Board of Directors in 2020. He earned his BA in Middle East Studies/ Homeland Security from Virginia Commonwealth University. Russell is also a graduate of Dominion Bible Institute, a seminary program offered by John G. Lakes Ministries. He is a military veteran, was a first responder in the City of Richmond, and also served for five years as a missionary to Israel. He currently teaches classical education, leads Kingdom Harvest Ministries, and is an assistant pastor at United Church RVA in Richmond, Virginia. His wife, Laurie, is a mother, teacher, author, Christian filmmaker, and evangelist. Together they homeschool their children and train the Body of Christ. Russell is ordained to the ministry by the Association of Faith Churches and Ministers, International.

Ken Glick

Co-Founder, Secretary-Treasurer

Ken Glick is an attorney by training and is responsible for CGMUSA's legal and regulatory compliance. He also serves as CGMUSA's Secretary and Treasurer. He began part-time missionary work with his first trip to Uganda in 2014 and has visited Uganda eight additional times. Ken and his wife, Olesya, (a Ukrainian national) are heavily involved in providing humanitarian relief in Ukraine, beginning shortly after the Russian invasion of that country in February 2022. Olesya is program head for CGMUSA's Ukrainian relief program. She is a university graduate in her native country, with a degree in mechanical and electrical engineering. Ken is overseeing the gathering and delivery of support to several pastors located in India. Ken and Olesya are an evangelistic couple; both of them are certified by John G. Lakes Ministries as receiving and practicing its training in divine healing. Ken is ordained by CGMUSA as a minister of the gospel; his wife Olesya is concluding her final semester of seminary training at Dominion Bible Institute, operated by John G. Lakes Ministries.

Jamal and Tywanda Smith

Board Members

Jamal (Known as Yophi) and Tywanda Smith are the Pastor and lead prophetic ministry, respectively, of Avodah Ministries, a Christian training ministry located in Virginia. The two traveled to Uganda in 2021 and served together as missionaries alongside Pastor Moses Nkwatsibwe and his wife, Sarah. They returned to serve again with Pastor Moses in 2022, teaching a workshop on "Kingdom Marriages." Jamal and Tywanda intend to continue their fellowship with Pastor Moses and Covenant Global Ministries - Uganda. Jamal and Tywanda train disciples of Jesus in their Biblically-described Kingdom Identity, reaching out to multiple areas in the United States when doing so. They are available to serve outside of the U.S. as well, which led them to Pastor Moses. Their vision is to show others through the Word of God marriage, family, and life, in the manner that God designed them to be experienced.